You prefer an alternative service. Some people are against military service and everything connected with it. Such beliefs have the right to exist, and they come from recognition of the freedom of conscience of every person. First of all, realize that this is your constitutional right. This will give you confidence!

You can choose ANS instead:

  1. Compulsory military service;

  2. Reserve training.

Grounds to apply for ANS.

National legistlation:

  1. Presence of religious beliefs;
  2. Belonging to a religious organization (the list in the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of 10.11.1999 No. 2066).

International legistlation:

The European Court has repeatedly pointed to the need for States to recognize the right of citizens to conscientious objection to military service, regardless of the religious nature of convictions or belonging of a citizen to a particular religious school (organization), in other words the need to recognize this right of citizens with secular beliefs.


Before submitting an application for an alternative non-military service it is necessary to sort yourself out and understand why military service is unacceptable for you, whether you have convictions close to religious values, denying violence, forbidding to take an oath, killing people, carring / using weapons.


To the application for ACS attach:

  1. Documents confirming the truth of your religious beliefs.
  2. Copy of statement on education.
  3. Certificate of family composition.
  4. Proof of employment or certificate of enrollment.

Deadline for application.

In case of conscription for military service, an application for ANS is submitted no later than 2 months before the start of the conscription period of military service established by law.
In case of conscription for reserve training, an application for the ANS is submitted within 7 calendar days from the date of reception of the summon for the reserve training conscription.

If the deadline for submitting the application is missed, the reasons for it should be written in the application for an alternative non-military service.

Conscription period in Ukraine is twice a year, but the terms of it are determined by the relevant Decree of the President of Ukraine, which is published in the mass media no later than one month before the end of the current year. Therefore, it is better to submit applications for the ANS as early as possible, so that the commission does not have issues related to the timing of the application.


  1. The application with attachments is submitted to the Commission for Alternative Service Affairs, created under the local administration.
  2. When applying, take a passport with you.





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