You prefer an alternative service. Some people are against military service and everything connected with it. Such beliefs have the right to exist, and they come from recognition of the freedom of conscience of every person. First of all, realize that this is your constitutional right. This will give you confidence!

You can apply for ACS if:
  1. if you are enrolled in the military register;
  2.  the performance of military service runs counter to your convictions;


  1.  the performance of military service runs counter to your religion;


  1. you are from indigenious minority.
Application deadlines
  1. At 17.5 years, after military registration (half a year before the 18th birth day).
    In this case, the deadline for submitting an application, established by the law "On Alternative Civil Service", is not violated.
  2. After 18 years of age at the moment of formation of convictions.

The deadline for submitting the application is likely to be missed, but it can be restored by the conscription commission (this should be asked in the application).

  1. Within 10 days after a sudden loss of army respite.

For example, if you are expelled from an educational institution, an application for ACS can be filed formally without breaking the deadline, if no more than 10 days have left since the moment of issuing the order for expulsion.

  1. The nature of convictions by law is not defined and not limited.

Beliefs contradicting the performance of military service are quite diverse. This is not only a rejection of violence, although such an argumentation is quite common.

  1. There are no "correct" beliefs.

You can learn more about the convictions that give the right to the ACS from Lev Levinson's book “Alternative to Conscription. To those who make a choice” or from Elena Popova's book “Conscientious objection of military service is in the Russian law " (both books are in Russian).

  1. You must not prove your convictions, just to justify how they contradict the performance of military service.

The main thing to remember is that expressing your beliefs means not only explaining what they mean, but also acting in accordance with them.


To the application for ACS attach:

  1. Autobiography;
  2. Characteristics from the place of work / study;
  3. Any documents confirming the existence of convictions (optional).
  1. The application with the attachments must be prepared in two copies.
  2. Send documents by registered mail with a return receipt to the military commissariat, as well as to other addressees specified in the sample.


  1. Take it and hand it to the secretary of the military commissioner personally, with the obligatory assignment of the incoming number to the application (a mark of reseption must be put on your copy of application).

Regardless of the manner how the application is submitted, we recommend you to send copies of the application and all documents to the state authorities indicated in the sample application. This will create additional guarantees that your application will be considered in accordance with the procedure established by law.



I give the written consent of SPb regional public human rights organization "Soldiers' Mothers of St. Petersburg" to process and transfer my personal data to third parties at their discretion. Personal data is understood also as information about the health status of the beneficiary, medical indications and contra-indications and other information constituting medical secrets and other special categories of personal and biometric data. The processing of personal data refers to the actions (operations) of the SPb regional public human rights organization "Soldiers' Mothers of St. Petersburg" with all the above- mentioned categories of personal data, namely collection, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification (updating, modification), use, transfer (including with the right of cross-border transfer, distribution on the Internet, printed and TV-media), rendering personal data anonymous, blocking, destruction. This written consent can be terminated at the request of one of the parties from the moment when the second party receives the termination request. In the absence of a termination request, the consent is valid for the period specified in Article 208 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.