A citizen shall serve in the places determined by the Government. As a rule, service is near the place of residence or registration.

The Department of National Defense enters into contracts with local self-government bodies. Service may take place outside the Republic of Lithuania by special decision of the Government.



The right to choose a place of service, time of service and additional social guarantees are provided only for those who applied for military service.



The decision on right to alternative service is made by the draft commissions.



«The Law on Compulsory Alternative (Labor) Service» of 1992. If the military service contradicts convictions, it is necessary to choose an alternative service in the system of the Ministry of Defense.

«The Law on Compulsory Alternative (Labor) Service» of Lithuania provides that the basis for providing alternative service is the impossibility of passing military service on belief grounds. The law does not disclose the content of beliefs, so it should be assumed that all religious and non-religious beliefs are accepted1.

In 2017, the army considered requests for ACS from eight conscripts - seven of them argued their request on religious beliefs, one conscript said that he is a pacifist.



In March 2015, the President of Lithuania signed a law on the introduction of compulsory military duty on an ongoing basis. According to media reports and the results of opinion polls, 68% of the population supports the return to compulsory military service.

Delays from conscription are possible for citizens:

  • students in educational institutions of various levels;
  • suspected of committing a criminal offense;
  • being a guardian of a disabled person or a person in need of care;
  • who are the only breadwinner in the family;
  • having 2 or more children under the age of 14;
  • temporarily not fit for military service.


  • single parents raising children up to 3 years;
  • pregnant women;
  • members of the Seimas, the Government, the European Parliament and municipal councils, as well as to officials: prosecutors, the system of internal affairs, intelligence officials, etc .;
  • in other cases in the presence of a complex social situation for the conclusion of a special commission.




Conscripts have no possibility to choose the place of civil service.

The territorial offices of the Department of National Defense of Lithuania must determine specific types of work for civil servicemen and control them.



9  months.


Such a procedure is not declared by law.


The Law on the Compulsary Alternative (Labor) Service of Lithuania provides that the ground for an alternative service is the impossibility of performing military service on the basis of convictions.

The law does not disclose the content of beliefs, so it should be assumed that it is about all religious and non-religious beliefs.



The authorities of Lithuania rejected the conscription in 2008.

But in 2016, the Law on the Restoration of the Compulsory Army Conscription was passed.

Young men aged 19-26 who did not pass an alternative service and who do not have initial military training are subject to military conscription on a general basis. Women do not fall under the conscription. In contrast to past years, notice of enlistment for military service will no longer be sent. All the information relevant to military service - where and when to execute the conscription procedures - will be provided together with the list of persons liable for military service.

The Lithuanian Army confirmed the places of permanent compulsory primary military service (PCPMS) and invites young men and women aged 18-38 years to voluntarily apply for passage of the PCPMS in 2017. Young men who voluntarily registered before the announcement of the list of persons liable for military service in 2017 were able to choose a place of service, the start date of service and receive 30% higher cash payments.


The citizen passes alternative (labor) service on the places, defined by the Government of the Republic of Lithuania.

The types of work on the alternative (labor) service are regulated by the territorial office of the Department of National Defense. The National Defense Department enters into contracts with local governments, enterprises, institutions and organizations regarding the passage of an alternative (labor) service.

According to a special decision of the Government, the service can take place outside the Republic of Lithuania.


The Law "On Compulsory Alternative (Labor) Service" does not provide for the establishment of any special body dealing with issues related to alternative service. Therefore, the decision to recruit for alternative service is made by the conscription commissions.



There is no transfer from military service to the ACS.


Alternative service lasts 10 months.


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