No conscription and alternative service.


No conscription and alternative service.


No conscription and alternative service.


In France, in 2001, mandatory state compulsory military duty was abolished.

With its disappearance, there was no alternative service.

In France, the alternative service was so popular that it became one of the reasons for the cancellation of conscription.



Compulsory military service was invented in France.

The Great French Revolution formulated the slogan «Freedom, equality, brotherhood», known to everyone now, but also gave to world universal conscription. In 1798, a law was passed that states: «Every Frenchman is a soldier and has a duty to protect the nation».

In 1996, President Chirac announced his decision. However, to everyone's surprise, he proposed not to cancel compulsory military service, but to "suspend" its existence.

Recently, in connection with the changing international situation after 2014, there are talks of a return to universal military duty.



No conscription and alternative service.


No conscription, professional army. Before the abolition of conscription term was 10 months.



The conscription has been suspended and there is no issue of consciousness objection.



In time of existence of conscription in France, objection on secular beliefs is recognized.

The alternative service in the country was so popular that it became one of the reasons for the abolition of the conscription.



The conscription in peacetime was suspended in 2001. It is replaced by the annual National Defense Preparation Day, participation is mandatory for all men and women from 16 to 18.

Nowadays, there are proposals to restore the conscription.


Consciousness objectors during the existence of the conscription and alternative service in France carried out various works of different importance in government and public institutions under the patronage of the Ministry of Social Welfare. Annually, up to 7,500 conscripts who did not want to take up arms were sent to psychiatric hospitals, nursing homes, state social services for sick, disabled and elderly persons.

There civil servicemen performed the duties of nurses, carers, workers, delivery men and other work for which even in jobless conditions it is difficult to find employees. Also, citizens could serve outside France in various socially significant missions, as a rule, this service was passed in African countries.


No conscription and alternative service.


There is no universal military duty and no alternative service from 2001.



There is no right to refuse military service on convictions for those who make such a decision while serving in the armed forces.



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