You can live at home or visit it often upon request.


Soldiers choose where they want to serve - you can choose a unit that is based close or far from home.



The conscription has more voluntary nature. ACS is declarative.


Denmark recognized the right to the ACS back in 1917. The issue of conscientious objection has lost its relevance.

In Denmark there is currently no compulsory conscription, but there are laws that allow the introduction or renewal of the conscription, the right to conscientious objection is recognized if a military duty is introduced. It is important to note that in Denmark there has never been a criminal liability for refusing to perform military service. Only disciplinary measures were applied to such persons.


The recruitment of the Danish armed forces is carried out on the basis of the law on general military duty and by recruiting contract servicemen.

All men who have reached the age of 18, with the exception of the inhabitants of Greenland and the Faroe Islands, are required undergo military service. Citizens can be released from military service for health reasons, students have the right to postpone conscription. After conducting the recruiting activities, the young man draws a number, on which he depends whether he will join the army or not.




If a citizen refuses to serve in the army or work for the military industry, he is given work in accordance with his convictions.

The choice of works for alternative servicemen is diverse and covers about 600 types.


From 3 to 14 months, depending on the place of service.


The conscription is in practice voluntary. The procedure for full refusal is not relevant.


Denmark recognizes the right to refuse military service on conviction if a military duty is introduced.

May 15, 1981 in Copenhagen (Denmark), former conscientious objectors gathered for the first international meeting and approved this date as the Day of conscientious objector.


In Denmark, conscription remains (draft age from 18 to 30). In fact, it is purely voluntary. Those who wish to serve in the Royal Regiment even wait for their turn up to two years. Women can also serve in the army.

The term of service is 4 months. Four months of service in Denmark are called «getting a basic army education» and are an «introduction» (education and training) in what it means to be a soldier.


While alternative service in Denmark is relevant, it is carried in hospitals, peacekeeping and environmental organizations, even in museums and theaters.


In Denmark, where there is currently no compulsory conscription, it is more voluntary, there are laws that allow the introduction or renewal of the conscription. There is a right to conscientious objection if a military duty is introduced.


The law does not provide a refusal of military service for servicemen of the active military service. 

A soldier at any time at his own request can retire from military service.


Alternative service in Denmark lasts 6 months.


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